We all know that small daily investments in our health lead to major benefits over time — so how can we make them a habit?

How to overcome the doubt, confusion and unnecessary suffering that often goes hand-in-hand with meditation.

Money was always a source of inner conflict for me – I thought of it as a “necessary evil” while dreaming of having tons of it.

We don’t have to retreat in fear. Instead, we can slow down and reconnect with what’s most important.

A lot of people I talk to are struggling to find their passion or purpose life (I spent years searching, too). But it doesn’t have to be such a painful experience. You don’t have to feel stuck, lost, and frustrated.

Chris Williamson showing me how to fly in Kihei, Maui. 📸 Charlotte Stewart

Today is #BellLetsTalk Day and I wanted to share a personal note to encourage a more open dialogue.

Ed Blunderfield

Guiding Leaders to Confidence, Clarity, Motivation & True Happiness | edblunderfield.com

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